About Superior Asphalt In San Diego

Welcome to Superior Asphalt, where innovation and tradition collide to provide exceptional pavement. Cyril Houlihan set the groundwork for what would become a family legacy in 1969, which marked the start of our journey. Cyril created relationships that lasted a lifetime in addition to roads through his love of fine craftsmanship and dedication to customer service.

Ronnie Houlihan assumed leadership of Superior Asphalt, carrying on his father’s legacy of commitment and morality that characterized the business from the beginning. Ronnie’s steadfast devotion to excellence carries on Cyril’s legacy.

Superior Asphalt adopted new paving processes and technology as the years went by, keeping up with the times. Jake Houlihan and Curtis Anderson are now the third generation of the Houlihan family to hold the torch. Jake, Ronnie’s son, and Curtis, who joined the family when he wed Katie, Ronnie’s daughter, provide new insights and a rekindled passion for the company.

At Superior Asphalt, we value establishing enduring relationships with our customers above and beyond simply installing asphalt. Our ideals, which have been passed down through three generations, are the foundation of our dedication to quality, dependability, and client satisfaction.

Come along on this journey where innovation from the future meets the legacy of the past. Since 1969, Superior Asphalt has been paving the path for excellence.