Your HOA's Paving Partner

HOA Managers – Roads, walkways, parking, and other surfaces need your attention.

As a HOA manager, it is your responsibility to guarantee the happiness and safety of both tenants and guests. Maintaining your concrete and asphalt surfaces correctly plays a significant role in this regard in three key ways:

  • Keep Everyone Safe:

    Smooth, well-kept, and clearly marked roads and pathways are essential for safe navigation of your property by vehicle or foot.

  • Attract Better Tenants:

    Furthermore, the visual value raises the curb appeal and draws in higher-class residents.

  • Keep Property Maintenance Expenses Down:

    Not to mention the financial advantage locals enjoy. Efficient upkeep of concrete and asphalt can prolong the lifespan of your pathways, parking spaces, and driveways while reducing costs. Thus, HOA dues are kept to a minimum.

When is it time for maintenance and/or repair?

Your asphalt can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance. To make the most of your paving investment, monitor the lifecycle of your asphalt and act accordingly:

  • For new pavement (0-5 years): Watch for developing cracks, though there shouldn’t be many if the initial work was done well.
  • For young pavement (5-7 years): Plan on sealcoating to restore the water barrier and address emerging cracks.
  • For middle-aged asphalt (7-15 years): Repeat sealcoating and address larger patches or potholes. This helps extend the asphalt’s lifespan.
  • For aging pavement (15-25 years): Continue sealcoating, perform patching, and consider an asphalt overlay to rejuvenate the surface.
  • RIP to your old friend (25-35 years): It’s time for complete removal and replacement to give your property a fresh start.

Why your HOA will appreciate working with Superior Asphalt

  • We provide detailed estimates with a full breakdown of quantities, scope of work, inclusions and exclusions to avoid any ambiguity as to what we have included in our proposal.
  • We examine your properties and recommend a realistic maintenance budget. Then we make recommendations on where and when to use it over the course of the year to everyone’s best advantage. 
  • We maintain our schedule and show up when we say we’re going to show up. No surprises to anger tenants. 
  • We are available for emergency repair services. 
  • We coordinate with tenants to make sure there is as little disruption in their routines as possible and that they avoid parking in work areas to avoid the need to tow.  
  • We are passionate about quality and take the time to do it right. 

Don’t let minor issues escalate into major problems. Superior Asphalt offers free inspections to determine when your HOA needs to take action.

For proper maintenance, repair, and replacement of your asphalt and concrete surfaces, trust the single source you need – Superior Asphalt. Ready to get started? Request an inspection and/or quote. During your free first inspection, we’ll assess your project and make recommendations to ensure the best possible outcome, exceeding your expectations, on time and on budget.

Rest easy knowing your HOA is in expert hands with Superior Asphalt.