Parking Lot Striping and Markings

There are various names for parking lot striping, including parking lot painting, line striping, and parking lot marking. Whatever you want to call it, though, we provide it and we’re pretty damn good at it. This is a result of our more than five decades of marking industry experience. The least expensive approach to give your parking lot a brand-new appearance is through parking lot striping, which is another fantastic feature. We’ve successfully completed numerous projects, ranging from small parking lots to massive distribution centers over a million square feet in size. While our projects vary in size, our approach remains consistent, ensuring quality and precision every time.

Our Process

  • When you contact us, an experienced estimator will discuss your project’s details with you.
  • If necessary, they’ll schedule an appointment to assess your property and your specific needs.
  • Recommendations and a competitive quote will be provided to you.
  • We can offer a professional diagram outlining the areas we’ll be working on, ensuring clarity in the scope of the project.

Marking Services Offered

All standard line striping and marking services that are commonly seen in parking lots are included in our striping services. But in addition, we provide custom stencil creation for your branded projects and stencil marking services in both MUTCD standards. For your yearly maintenance contract or one-time re-stripe project, we provide a comprehensive solution. Put simply, you’ve come to the proper location if it requires painting and is on concrete or asphalt.

Additional Striping Services

  • New layout striping and re-striping
  • Curb preparation, curb painting, and curb stenciling
  • ADA-related markings, including handicap symbols, path of travel, and accessible cross hatch painting to the latest California ADA codes.
  • Shotblasting, Grinding, and Sandblasting
  • Playground and game court markings
  • Warehouse striping and stenciling
  • Sports field markings

Parking Lot Striping Project Types

We cater to a wide range of project types, including but not limited to:

  • Parking structures
  • Amusement parks
  • Shopping malls
  • Warehouses
  • Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Campuses
  • Restaurant chains

About Our Professional Striping Crews

At Superior Asphalt, we only hire individuals with advanced degrees. Our striping foremen are all qualified to paint with epoxy, oil base, and water base coatings. Every employee has received training on safe worksite practices and is conversant with MUTCD, OSHA, and ADA regulations. Every one of our larger jobs has a supervisor supervising the project in addition to the project foremen, and our workers will always arrive at the job site equipped with the safety gear needed for the job.

Please refer to our FAQ and Glossary pages if you encounter unfamiliar terms or services.

Markings for Safety and Aesthetics

Although they might not seem like a big deal, pavement markings are crucial to any paving project. Even though it would appear to be purely a cosmetic concern, it can actually significantly affect both the safety of your parking lots and streets as well as your consumers’ perception of them.

Traffic movement is aided by markings such as stop signs, turn arrows, parking space designations, lane markers, shoulder borders, and more. These are all crucial signs that inform drivers not just of the locations of the lanes and parking spots but also of their expected behavior when driving, including where to stop and whether they can change lanes.

Drivers may easily go into the wrong lane and cause an accident if these markings weren’t there. Cars can park at odd spots in parking lots, making it more difficult for other vehicles and people to move around the lot. Your consumers will doubt your professionalism if these markers are missing from your pavement or if the paint has faded to the point where the markings are difficult to notice. Even worse, you can be held accountable for any mishaps on the property. A gorgeous and new striping job can give your property a new look that will reassure potential buyers.

Lastly, city rules frequently mandate striping, so failing to have the proper markings could result in fines. Your pavement’s compliance can be guaranteed by Superior Asphalt. New pavement can have striping applied to it, or older pavement that is beginning to show wear and tear can have its stripes redone. We will make sure you are complying with all regulations because we are aware of all the local paving and striping codes. We offer all marking types you could require, such as numbers, hashes, arrows, and stop bars. We are also able to comply with reasonable demands for personalized markings.

Please read reviews from our satisfied clients and contact us for a no-obligation consultation or a quote.