San Diego's Premier Public Paving Contractor

As the premier provider of asphalt paving for public roads and infrastructure that the general public uses and enjoys, we are San Diego’s public works paving contractor. In addition to paving city streets and parking lots, public works paving contractors also work hard to provide new chances for the future by taking on initiatives that benefit the general public. Reputable San Diego, California public works paving contractors will deliver a committed service via professionalism and top-notch work. Every public works project should not only be finished with the highest level of professionalism but also deliver results on schedule and within budget.

Your California Public Paving Contractor

San Diego’s public works paving projects have raised everyone’s standard of living. Your public works project needs excellent craftsmanship backed by a team of professionals, experts, and expertise if you want long-lasting paving. Our commitment to excellence in every job we work on has made us the leading public paving contractors in California. With hundreds of public works contracts completed around San Diego, we are prepared to help you see a project through to completion. We provide the following public works pavement projects:

  • Parks and recreation
  • Public education (elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, and community colleges, etc.)
  • Health care (hospitals, clinics, community health care facilities, etc.)
  • Municipal buildings (courthouses, jails, libraries, event venues, etc.)

We are able to deliver excellent service on all public works projects because of our commitment to upholding open business practices and rigorous safety requirements on every project. The California Public Paving Contractors team at Superior Asphalt makes sure that every installation and reconstruction is finished by skilled, informed, and experienced professionals that are motivated by their achievements, all while staying within budget and on schedule.

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