Your Solution for Precision Asphalt Grinding and Milling

Reviving Asphalt Surfaces with Precision and Expertise

For many years, property managers and owners would just keep paving over the previous layer of asphalt, year after year. Merely observing the shrinking concrete curbs in many parking lots nowadays will reveal this issue. It’s time to remove the asphalt that contractors installed up to the top of these curbs. This is the situation in which asphalt grinding and milling services are useful. In the past, asphalt milling—also referred to as cold planing or asphalt profiling—was a service only available for roadways and highways. These days, a lot of paving professionals use these services to help clients save money on more significant repairs. Check out the details about these services by reading on.

Grinding and Milling Options

Numerous kinds of asphalt grinding services are provided by Superior Asphalt. We understand that no two projects are the same, and in order to be competitive in the paving industry, you must adjust your labor and tool requirements accordingly. An explanation of the various methods we employ depending on the type of asphalt grinding job we’re working on is provided below.

Small Asphalt Grinding and Milling Projects

We recommend a more cost-effective solution to customers who contact us with smaller grinding projects. We advise dispatching a small team with minimal gear. A walk-behind grinder can be used to remove minor elevated patches of asphalt in your parking lot or simple one-time repairs like trip hazards. If necessary, one person can run all of these equipment by themselves. Our strategy helps our clients save time and money.

Medium Asphalt Grinding and Milling Projects

Is there elevated asphalt extending along your concrete swale that presents a trip risk or is simply unsightly? We like to use our skid steer style grinders for medium-sized repair operations in order to complete them swiftly. A skid steer is a small-framed tractor that can change its tools using attachments like a breaker, sweeper, and yes, even a grinder. Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife on wheels. The skid steer grinder attachments are available in a range of diameters, from 18″ to 47″. The hydraulic technology of this attachment, referred to as a cold planer, provides strong cutting at quick speeds. Due to their extreme versatility, these ride-on grinding cutters enable us to complete medium-sized asphalt repair projects quickly. The capability of this equipment selection to grind asphalt along parking lot curbs and planters without breaking or harming them is one of its main advantages.

Large Asphalt Grinding and Milling Projects

Larger equipment is needed for larger asphalt repair tasks, like an asphalt overlay. At Superior Asphalt, we use road milling and asphalt pulverization equipment to complete these tasks fast and effectively. The giants of asphalt removal, road milling and planing machines are mostly used on roadways and particularly large parking lots. These machines can remove less than an inch of your current asphalt surface at speeds of up to five feet per hour and in widths of up to five feet. For projects involving fabric or asphalt overlays, this grinding procedure is ideal.

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