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Asphalt Overlay / Pavement Overlay

Being the best-rated asphalt overlay experts in Southern California, we cover areas from Los Angeles to Orange and even certain portions of San Diego. We have a great deal of experience with asphalt overlays.

An asphalt overlay is the process of using an asphalt paving machine to apply a fresh layer of hotmix asphalt material over an old, worn-out asphalt surface. A binder known as tack, or SS-1h, is put between the old and new asphalt layers, binding them together like glue.

Twenty years ago, the two most effective ways to restore a deteriorating asphalt parking lot were to overlay the existing damaged surface with up to four inches of new asphalt or to undertake an expensive asphalt removal and replacement treatment. These were both highly expensive solutions, and we are now discovering that they are rarely needed.

While an overlay doesn’t provide a permanent solution to the existing cracks in your asphalt, it offers a cost-effective way to rejuvenate the appearance of your parking lot. This approach aligns with the trend of employing thin overlays for street and road maintenance across the United States. Asphalt overlays are the most intelligent and economical choice for repairing asphalt today because they restore your parking lot to a “brand new” look while preserving most of the existing asphalt surface below.

Fabric Overlays & Petromat Overlays

Two Terms, One Meaning

An asphalt overlay and a petromat overlay are quite similar. The primary distinction is that we installed a nonwoven petroleum fabric that resembles black cloth between the old and new asphalt. A machine is used to apply this cloth; it pulls the material firmly and adheres it to the tack emulsion on the surface that already exists.

When choosing between a normal asphalt overlay and a petromat overlay, keep in mind that the former helps form a water barrier between your old and newly laid asphalt while also reducing crack reflection. In other words, it lessens the speed at which previously existing fractures may reappear. When a customer’s parking lot has small, widespread hairline cracks throughout the surface but the sub-grade is still in reasonably excellent condition, we will advise them to install fabric overlays.

You may essentially add up to fifteen years to the lifespan of your parking lots or roads by using a petromat cloth overlay. A simple maintenance program that includes sealcoating and asphalt crack repair every two years, depending on usage and traffic weights, can help achieve this longevity. The final, and far more expensive, option to a petromat overlay is to completely remove and replace your asphalt.

The final alternative to a petromat overlay is a complete removal and replacement of your asphalt, which comes at a significantly higher cost.

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