Repair, Don't Replace, Your Asphalt In San Diego!

Many people are unaware that your parking lot—an apparently uninteresting patch of asphalt—is actually the first thing that customers, tenants, or guests will notice about your business. Maintaining and improving the state of your parking lot shows that the owner of the property is accountable and mindful of code compliance, regular upkeep, and pedestrian and driving safety.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that, if left unattended, minor cracks and potholes in your asphalt can grow into much bigger issues. At Superior Asphalt, we constantly emphasize the need of preventative asphalt maintenance, which translates to the highest caliber of service from start to finish. Not just for the initial asphalt repair job, but also for the continuous upkeep and repairs needed to guarantee that what would be a straightforward asphalt repair doesn’t turn into a full asphalt paving restoration.

The Superior Approach to Your Paving Project

With the right personnel, tools, and experience, Superior Asphalt can handle any asphalt repair job. Pothole repairs and asphalt skin patching are examples of basic paving techniques. Complete asphalt and petromat fabric overlays are more intricate and time-consuming. Superior Asphalt consistently utilizes the greatest materials available in our business along with cutting edge machinery.

Our paving teams have built our current reputation by understanding that there should never be any shortcuts taken on your project.

The Smart Choice for Your Asphalt Repair Project

Our pledge to you at Superior Asphalt is straightforward. Every asphalt repair project we take on is given the highest value by us, and we always deliver on what was promised. We guarantee any job we work on and accept accountability for any errors done. We don’t want you to believe what we say because it is information that can be independently verified. Whether it’s endorsements from satisfied clients, a plethora of glowing internet reviews, or the confidence that we have gained from some of the largest brands in property management.

Get in touch with us to find out more, or request a free quotation for your paving project right now. When you pick Superior Asphalt as your asphalt paving expert, we guarantee you will have peace of mind.

Here’s a brief overview of our asphalt repair services:

  • Asphalt Grinding & Milling
  • Asphalt Speed Bumps
  • Asphalt Overlay

If you encounter any unfamiliar terms or services, please refer to our FAQ and Glossary pages.