5 Best Practices in Municipal Asphalt Paving Services In San Diego

When considering municipal asphalt paving services in South Florida, a lot of people consider the cost. While budget and cost are undoubtedly crucial considerations, Superior Asphalt can differentiate themselves from the competition by implementing other strategies. Here are five best practices to consider when choosing a company for a municipal paving job, ranging from the types of services offered to choosing a contractor who is qualified for the task.

1. Choose the right qualified contractor

Paving service contractors are widely available these days. Finding a qualified individual to handle a paving project—mostly residential—is not difficult, but you must take the necessary precautions to make sure the person you select is qualified to handle municipal asphalt paving services. A competent contractor can professionally discuss municipal or county projects with you, provide references from their prior work, guide you through the necessary steps, and address any issues you may have. Additionally, you should confirm that the business you are considering is reputable in the region, licensed, and insured.

2. Milling and resurfacing

What has to be done will depend on how well your current road surface is doing. Consider milling and resurfacing as an alternative if the project permits it and you’re trying to cut costs. This saves time in addition to reducing your expenditure. A business that can finish resurfacing and milling without requiring several contractors simplifies the procedure from start to finish.

Patching is an affordable process, but it’s often not enough when wear and tear have evolved. Resurfacing, along with the process of milling, can take the top surface level down enough that a new layer can be put on without having to remove all of the material and start over. Municipalities and industrial sites frequently utilize a trusted company like this.

3. Concrete Services – Curbs, gutters, drainage

Curbing is a terrific method to make a place seem better, while drainage and gutters are ways to make a place safe. A trustworthy concrete contractor that provides services for municipal asphalt paving will modify your design to meet your specifications. Curbing serves to identify property boundaries and enhances the value and reputation of properties. It can be used around roads, parking lots, lawns, and landscaping.

Gutters are a method of engineered drainage paths in addition to curbs and paving. This will reduce puddles and water pooling, which can inconvenience people passing through, but it can also protect your asphalt and landscaping.

4. Asphalt Striping & Accessories

The work doesn’t stop when your asphalt has been replaced, resurfaced, or repaired. Extra features and accessories can have a significant impact on the finished product. Collaborate with a contractor who can handle every facet of your project. This includes putting in road signs to help direct traffic, parking stops to maintain an orderly lot, and speed bumps or humps to help control traffic and keep the area safe.

Installing speed bumps is an affordable way to reduce the speed at which cars travel in densely populated areas. In order to save their cars from being damaged, most speed bumps require drivers to reduce their speed to between five and ten miles per hour. Furthermore, placing these bumps next to crosswalks is advantageous; rubber and plastic are typical materials.

Wheel stops stop a car from backing into or out of a parking space and crossing the space’s edge. This helps to control traffic in a parking lot and keeps individuals from getting struck. This incredibly reasonably priced add-on is simple to install and typically endures a long time.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

At some point, you will inevitably need to have work done on your paved surfaces. These surfaces only deteriorate due to weather exposure and typical wear and tear. Ongoing maintenance, however, has a major impact on how long asphalt and concrete last. Regular care for pavements should involve sealing the surface, mending broken sections, stripping fading parts, etc. Working with the business you hired to complete the installation creates a long-lasting partnership that guarantees high-quality work is being done and that any problems that arise later will be handled appropriately.

If you would like more information on the municipal asphalt paving services we offer at Superior Asphalt or would like to secure a quote, please contact us. We walk through each step of the design, building, and management phases of your project with you. Our customers are our priority. We want to ensure that we meet your needs while caring for the long-term investment of your asphalt. We’re the go-to company for all local municipalities, county leaders, and property managers. We look forward to working with you.

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